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How Poor Quality Sleep May Be Hurting Your Fertility


If you’re trying to have a baby or intend on having one at some point in the future, you probably know that your overall health is linked to your fertility. Did you know that sleep is no exception to this rule? In case you didn’t have enough to worry about while trying to start a family, research shows both men and women who don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis are more likely to experience problems with their fertility. Luckily, fixing your sleep schedule will affect your life in a myriad of positive ways beyond your ability to have children.

The reasons behind the infertility-sleep connection are different for men and women, though in both cases, hormones seem to play an important role. One study showed that both men who sleep too long and those who sleep too little are less likely to impregnate their partners—seven to eight hours seems to be just right for fertility. Of course, as with all studies that try to establish a cause and effect relationship between two events, it’s possible that other factors play the deciding role. For instance, poor sleep can also affect your libido and body weight. That said, the study authors did their best to control for these variables.

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3 Common Reasons You Can’t Stay Asleep And What To Do About Them


When you make an effort to get to bed on time, waking up in the middle of the night can be like a slap in the face. For many people, it’s hard enough to get to sleep at a reasonable time—why won’t our bodies just cooperate and stay asleep through the night?

This experience is often referred to as middle insomnia, and it’s more common than you might think. Here are three common causes for middle insomnia and what you can do to mitigate them. Remember—if the problem persists, it’s always worth seeking the advice of a healthcare professional.

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How To Share A Bed With Your Partner Without Losing Sleep


If you share your bed with a loved one, you know that it’s not always warm cuddles and pillow-talk. Sleeping next to another person can be wonderful—especially for men, who reliably sleep better next to a partner, while women tend to experience more sleep disturbances next to a partner than when they sleep alone. Things can be especially difficult when you and your partner’s schedules, light preferences, or other bedroom habits don’t sync up.

Here are five ways to make sleeping as a couple easier. Put these tips into practice, and your health (and relationship) will be better off.

Tackle snoring together

Snoring can be a sensitive issue for couples, but this is one annoying habit you definitely shouldn’t ignore. While some people are just predisposed to snoring for anatomical reasons, it can also be a symptom of sleep apnea —a potentially fatal medical disorder. If your partner snores, don’t be afraid to bring it up (gently) and encourage them to seek medical attention.

Consider two doonas

A "European-style" bed set up with two separate doonas can make it much easier to sleep next to someone who tends to tug on the covers. You’ll also be much less likely to disturb your bedmate if you go to sleep or wake up at a different time.

Create a plan of action for restless-child-syndrome

If you have kids, you’ve probably experienced the joy of waking up to a short, shadowy figure looming above you in the middle of the night whispering "mommy (or daddy)… I can’t sleep!" It can be hard to snap out of a groggy state at 3am, so decide what you’ll do in your waking hours—including who gets to take the little one back to bed. (We recommend a trade-off system).

Set boundaries around light and noise

This is especially important if you and your partner have different sleep schedules. Agree to employ headphones, white noise machines, eye masks, and earplugs as needed to mitigate the difference between your schedules.

Go mattress shopping as a team

A mattress is an important investment in your health, and if you’re both sleeping on it, you should make the purchase together. Regal’s in-store specialists are well equipped to find a mattress that suits your needs as a couple—just be sure that you’re both present for the fitting!

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Why You Should Sleep Like An Olympian, Even If You’re A Couch Potato


We can’t all snowboard like Jarryd Hughes or ski like Matt Graham, but we can take a page from their books when it comes to sleep. Every athlete worth their salt knows that rest is just as important as training when it comes to athletic performance. Thus, by necessity, Olympic athletes are champions in the sheets as well as on the field (when it comes to sleep, of course). That said, it’s important to know that quality sleep carries enormous benefits people across the physical activity spectrum. No matter how much exercise you do (or don’t) get, you need seven to nine hours of shuteye per night.

According to Dr. Mark Rosekind , a sleep specialist who works with Olympic medalists, sleep has only recently come to the forefront of interest for athletes. Blame our society’s counterproductive obsession with productivity and performance at the expense of recovery time.

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5 Items Every Nightstand Should Have


If there’s one area in your room you should keep organized at all times, it’s your night table. Sleep is your most vulnerable time, and getting there requires some measure of peace and tranquility. Cluttering the closest surface to your bed with old coffee mugs and ramen containers is not exactly conducive to this state. Keep the space organized and stocked with these five essentials.

Glass of water

It’s not fun to wake up parched in the middle of the night, especially if you have to spend the next hour deciding whether you should drag yourself to the kitchen or resign yourself to your thirsty fate. Fix this issue with a touch of foresight—keep a fresh glass of water next to you while you sleep. Even if you don’t need it at night, drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism.

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Do You Need More Sleep After Intense Exercise?


Olympic athletes and their trainers have long emphasized the importance of quality sleep for athletic performance. Usain Bolt, reigning Olympic sprinting champion, has said: “Sleep is extremely important to me – I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body.”

What if you’re not planning on breaking any world records, but just want to see gains in your performance at the gym? Is it just as important for you to prioritize sleep? Absolutely.

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3 Ways To Stop Your Gadgets From Keeping You Up At Night


How many nights a week would you say that you sleep within arm’s reach of your smartphone? If it’s every night, you’re in the company of at least half of Australia, according to a recent survey. Unfortunately, snuggling with your phone may be hazardous to your health.

LED light from digital devices confuses our body’s sense of whether it’s daytime or nighttime, which makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. Aside from that, being within constant reach of your social networks, work email, and every other aspect of your life that’s tethered to your mobile phone can make it difficult to relax. This is especially true if you’re prone to anxiety and/or insomnia.

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Why Does White Noise Help Some People Sleep?


True white noise is the electronic version of an enormous band playing every single note (and intervals between notes) at the same volume, at the same time. It’s technically defined as the even distribution of all sound frequencies within a normal audible range, just like white light is an even distribution of all colour wavelengths within a normal visual range.

Fans, crackling campfire sounds, and rainstorms—that is, sounds you’re likely to hear from one of the many "white noise" apps available on your smartphone—are not true white noise. Rather, they’re colloquially referred to as "white noise" because they are types of consistent background noise. Genuine white noise is actually rather irritating to most people, since it contains a lot of high-frequency sound.

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5 Signs That You’re Sleep Deprived, Even If You Don’t Feel Tired


Some people spend their days exhausted without ever realizing that they need more sleep. That’s because sleep deprivation often rears its ugly head in ways far less obvious than the feeling of tiredness—especially if you’re a heavy user of caffeine or other stimulants. Here are five subtle ways your body may be telling you to make sleep a priority.

You suffer from mood swings

Emotional regulation is a complex biochemical process. No matter how good your manners are or how hard you try to keep yourself in check, you’ll find it difficult to keep your cool if you’re not getting enough sleep. That’s because sleep deprivation impairs the parts of your brain responsible for keeping your emotions balanced and properly tethered to your environment.

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When Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep: Dreaming And Artificial Intelligence


We already know that dreaming is a cross-species phenomenon. Dogs, cats, and even duck-billed platypuses dream. Renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick once asked, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (His book with this title was the inspiration for Blade Runner, by the way). Turns out—in a way—they do.

In the interest of not jumping the gun, it’s important to say that researchers have not yet achieved anything like "true" artificial intelligence—that is, something that we can say is intelligent in the same way that humans (or dogs, cats, and duck-billed platypuses) are. Increasingly advanced examples of robots that can simulate intelligence abound, but we’re not yet living in the age of Bicentennial Man.

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5 Time-Tested Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


When the holiday buzz wears off and it’s time to get back to the grind, it’s all too easy to fold up your list of New Year’s resolutions and tuck it away in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

We’re here to help you challenge that defeatist attitude and get the year off to running start.

Make your goals as specific as possible

Did you resolve to "read more books" or "get in shape"? Vague phrasing, and in turn, a vague mental concept of your goal, can make the process much more daunting than it has to be. Break your resolutions down into simple, manageable steps. Instead of telling yourself to read more books, resolve to read for 20 minutes before bed each day (bonus: this will likely help you get to sleep). Don’t aim to "get in shape"—choose a concrete workout schedule. Remember, every large achievement is made up of numerous small feats.

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How To Avoid Holiday Burnout With Quality Sleep


Christmas is behind us, New Year’s celebrations approach, and if you’re like many Australians, you’re already well on track to experiencing the dreaded holiday burnout. The holiday season is supposed to leave us refreshed and ready to take on the new year, but if you don’t balance letting loose with a little self-care, you may end up more tired than you were on your first day off work!

As you may suspect if you’re a regular reader of this blog, your first line of defence against holiday burnout is getting adequate sleep. With a jam-packed holiday social schedule, It’s inevitable that your regular sleep schedule will shift somewhat, and that’s okay, but you should do what you can to maintain it. Now is as good a time as any to practice good sleep hygiene both before bed and throughout the day . Making sure your sleep routine doesn’t get wildly out of whack will make you better company at parties anyway.

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Five Tips To Help You Properly Care for Your New Mattress


So you’ve finally decided to upgrade your mattress. Congratulations on being proactive about sleep! Your energy levels, mood, and overall well-being are sure to improve alongside the quality of your rest.

Here are the best ways to care for your new best friend. Remember, if you have any questions about caring for your mattress, a sleep expert at Regal will be more than happy to help.

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Holiday Sleep Tips For Parents Of Young Children


The holiday season, with its family gatherings, Christmas lists, and maybe even travelling, can be a little stressful for anyone. It’s inevitably stressful for parents of young children. 

Babies and toddlers tend to be very sensitive to sudden changes in their schedule. When family comes knocking at odd hours or you’re trying to adjust to a new time zone, it can feel like all the work it took to get your child accustomed to a consistent sleep schedule is going down the drain. Here’s how to keep yourself and your children from Grinch-like behaviour around the holidays. 

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Blue is for the Bedroom - 5 Bedroom Design Tips for Better Sleep


When it comes to selecting the right mattress for your body type and sleeping position, we’ve got you covered, but there’s more to creating an environment that’s conducive to quality sleep. Here are five tips for turning your bedroom into a dream-inducing haven.

Take time to tidy

If you’re used to tripping over things on your way to the bathroom in the morning, it’s time to think about decluttering your space. You don’t need to do a deep clean every day—just take five or ten minutes to put things back where they belong. Not only will you feel less anxious, but now that you don’t to search for things, you’ll shave the time off your morning routine.

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Just Sleep On It: How Sleep Can Help You Work Through Difficult Problems


Ever had a conundrum that seemed to magically worked itself out after a good night of sleep? Or a 3am "Eureka!" moment? Turns out that there’s solid scientific evidence behind that old piece of advice: when in doubt, just sleep on it.

Sleep is crucial for learning and memory. In particular, the process of consolidating information, or making it stable and accessible, seems to occur primarily during sleep. When you’re resting, your brain organizes what you’ve learned that day—almost like sorting through a messy filing cabinet.

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5 Weird Insomnia Cures From the History Books


Before evidence-based medicine, people got pretty creative with their insomnia cures. Most cultures have their own folk remedies for sleeplessness, but some are particularly unusual. Here are 5 weird insomnia cures from the past (we would strongly recommend not trying these at home, though you probably won’t be tempted to anyway).

Rub your teeth with dog earwax

Now everybody with a canine companion can know the joys of restful sleep! (Kidding, really really kidding). An Italian Renaissance man named Gerolamo Cardano, otherwise known for inventing probability theory, suggested that smearing your teeth with the gunk from a dog’s ears helps one fall asleep. We don’t think you or your dog would appreciate this one.

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Why You Should Consider Starting Your Day Without Caffeine


If your day doesn’t start without coffee, we get it—it’s a cultural mainstay and a near-lifelong habit for many, if not most, Australians. There’s nothing wrong with drinking a moderate amount of coffee, but there’s a good biological reason you may want to hold off a little longer than you’re used to before drinking your first cup.

A number of important biological processes, like alertness, metabolism, and muscle tone, are governed by your circadian rhythm—a 24-hour cycle that’s regulated by external and internal signals. In the morning, your body makes a lot of a hormone called cortisol. You may associate cortisol with stress, which it’s involved in, but another one of its important functions is helping you feel alert when you wake up. Cortisol levels typically peak between 8-9am, 12-1pm, and 5:30-6:30pm.

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Five Cool Facts About The Way Animals Sleep


All animals sleep, but they do so in drastically different ways. From sleeping with only half their brains to sleeping while flying, check out these 10 surprising (and surprisingly adorable) facts about the way animals get their rest.

Otters hold each other while they sleep

Cutest fact first: Otters like to sleep in the water to avoid predators. When they do, to avoid drifting away, they anchor their bodies to something with their tales or hold hands with other otters . Think about that when you need to smile.

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Bacteria and Your Circadian Rhythm: How Your Microbiome Influences Your Internal Clock


Your body is composed of about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion bacterial cells. That’s right. On a cellular level, you are mostly made up of bacteria. No wonder there’s been a recent surge in probiotic yogurt advertisements!

The human microbiome, or collection of microbes that live inside the human body, has been at the forefront of scientific research for the past few decades. Studies are steadily revealing the crucial role of microbes in human health, from digestion and immunity to psychological well-being. One of the latest developments in the field is that our gut microbiome may directly influence our circadian rhythm.

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