About Us

A little bit about us....the Regal story


1980 - Rob Simon started his first retail bedding store in Melbourne

1983 - The success of the initial store led to rapid expansion and opening of another 14 stores in Victoria

1986 - The first bedding manufacturing commenced with a focus on Futons, soon becoming the largest Futon manufacturer in Australia

1993 - Manufacturing also kept growing with Regal Sleep Solutions opening a large, state-of the-art factory in Victoria

1998 - Regal Sleep Solutions factory opens in Victoria

2010 - Rob Simon meets Dr Michael Haworth and combines his Australian mattress manufacturing expertise with Dr Haworth's science.

2012 - Healthy Life Professional and Healthy Life Mattresses quickly become the number one Health Professional Mattress brand in Australia

2013 - Regal Sleep Solutions goes international and launches in China, Healthy Life Professional and Healthy Life Mattresses destined to become the number one brand in China