Five Tips To Help You Properly Care for Your New Mattress

Five Tips To Help You Properly Care for Your New Mattress

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade your mattress. Congratulations on being proactive about sleep! Your energy levels, mood, and overall well-being are sure to improve alongside the quality of your rest.

Here are the best ways to care for your new best friend. Remember, if you have any questions about caring for your mattress, a sleep expert at Regal will be more than happy to help.

Use a mattress protector

A mattress protector is arguably the best way to increase the longevity of your mattress investment. They’re made to absorb stains before they can do any damage, and in addition, they absorb sweat that can accelerate the breakdown of the foam layer in your mattress. Washing the protector regularly is a great way to minimize dust mites and allergens, and doing so is a whole lot easier than trying to wash your mattress!

Keep it clean

A good cover will shield your mattress from most stains, but big spills should be cleaned up as soon as they occur. Use warm, soapy water (sparingly, as too much moisture can lead to mold growth) and let the mattress air dry completely before putting the sheets back on. If your mattress smells a little funky, sprinkle it with baking soda, wait 20 minutes, and then vacuum it up.

Support your mattress with a sturdy frame

A good mattress will support your spine, and a good frame will help it do its job. Even the best mattress is susceptible to caving in without a sturdy base. Make sure the frame has a central support bar. Not only will your mattress live longer, but it will feel more comfortable.

Don’t jump on the bed

We all need to revisit our childhood sometimes, but don’t sacrifice your mattress for the sake of doing so. Even top quality mattresses like those sold at Regal can suffer coil and fibre damage from bed jumping. Avoid too much standing or kneeling on the mattress as well.

Rotate it

There’s no need to flip modern mattresses, but rotating head-to-toe is a good way to ensure even wear and tear, which means you get to enjoy your mattress for longer. Do this about four or five times per year.

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