Getting Back To Basics – What Impact Your Mattress Has On Your Spine & Overall Health

Getting Back To Basics – What Impact Your Mattress Has On Your Spine & Overall Health

Do you wake up feeling more exhausted than exceptional? Do you roll over the side of the bed instead of jumping out with a spring in your step?  Then it is time to seriously re-evaluate your sleeping situation.

Sleep is the essential time needed by your body to repair, detoxify and regenerate. Getting quality sleep allows for the body to be relaxed, safeguarding against degenerative illness and disease. Your number one arsenal against unhealthy sleep is a Regal Sleep Solution mattress.

Our Australian Made Regal mattresses are created using the finest materials, offering an outstanding sleep surface in which to create the basis for a happy, healthy life. Our Healthy Life Message is simple: a healthy night’s sleep equals optimal well-being!

Every year, millions of people go to their chiropractor suffering back, neck and shoulder problems from sleeping on poorly made, unsupportive mattresses. In Melbourne, chiropractors regularly treat patients who sleep on mattresses offering inadequate support. This lack of support for the spine results in a poor night’s sleep. And the result of poor sleep? Low back pain, upper back and neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress, bed sores, and moodiness- just to name a few!

Does your mattress give you perfect support? Do you sleep peacefully and deeply? Do you wake you wake up free of aches and pains in your body? Do you sleep better in your own bed than anywhere else? If you answered no to any one of these, you may not be getting the right support from your mattress. And the reality is, in today’s busy and fast paced world, we all deserve a perfect night’s sleep. One in seven Australians patients report finding proper information about purchasing mattresses is nearly impossible. At Regal we have taken the stress out of purchasing a mattress for you! Simply consult with your local Regal Healthy Life Professional to organise a prescribed bedding system to your exact healthy sleep requirements.

From a healthcare professional perspective, mattresses are health care products that should retain the natural position of the spine and reduce subluxations when fitted. Regal are passionate about professional recommendation for a number of reasons. A prescribed bedding system can reduce back pain by 57%, decrease back stiffness by 59% and improve the quality of sleep by 61%.

In 2010 Regal Sleep Solutions Director, Rob Simon, was introduced to Dr Michael Haworth from Rosanna Chiropractic. Rob’s wealth of knowledge in mattress manufacturing, combined with the scientific and medical expertise of Dr Michael Haworth, allowed for the Healthy Life mattress and message to be born, a message that has now spread to over 1000 Health Professionals Australia wide! Due to this fusion of expertise, knowledge and proven scientific and medical research, all Regal Sleep Solutions Healthy Life Mattresses proudly carry the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) registration number on each mattress manufactured and are classified as a Class One medical device.

Whether it be the Classic Mattress, Plush Mattress, or Firm Mattress within the Healthy Life range you will be sure to find a mattress perfect for you. Exceptional support, pain free sleep and optimal day performance are yours for the keep with a Regal Sleep Solutions Healthy Life Mattress. Do some research and read our blog, check us out online, talk to your Health Professional and come into one of our stores. Your healthy night’s sleep will unlock a newer, healthier you.

Sweet dreams...Regal Sleep Solutions

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