Healthy Life Mattresses

The Healthy Life Mattress Range is your Health Professional’s first choice in mattress.

Healthy Life Mattresses are guaranteed to improve your health through better sleep within 30 days, or we will give you your money back.

Regal Sleep Solutions has over 3000 health professionals who now refer this mattress range for their patients.

The Healthy Life Mattress is a registered Class One Medical Device, featuring three times more springs than any other mattress in our range.

The Healthy Life Mattress is perfectly zoned for lumbar and lower back support.

The firmer sprung edges of the Healthy Life Mattress make it easier to get in and out of bed and the comfort layers relieve body pressure and are designed to assist with circulation.

With a 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty your investment in quality sleep and better quality of life is guaranteed. 

Speak to a Regal ‘Sleep Consultant’ and get yourself fitted for better sleep on a Healthy Life Mattress, Australia’s best mattress.

*Free Delivery applies to Melbourne and Adelaide Metro only

Healthy Life Classic
from $4,399.00

Healthy Life Classic

Healthy Life Classic MattressCreate a restorative bedroom environment with the Healthy Life Classic Mattress. The Award Winning Mattress recommende...

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from $4,399.00

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