Exquisite Plush Mattress

Save $2,198.00

The Exquisite Range is available in Firm, Classic (double sided and flippable) and Plush.

The Exquisite Range features a pocket spring that moulds to your body, supports your lumbar region and minimises partner disturbance. It also has the security and stability that the Ultra Premium foam surround provides.

Regal Sleep solutions exclusive 365 Day Mattress Satisfaction Guarantee The Exquisite Range utilises both Ultra Premium and Memory foams and therefor maximises the combination of a luxurious comfort system and the support of a properly zoned and encased Australian pocket spring system to ensure a wonderful and recuperative sleep at a price well below competitors “Sale Prices”.


  1. Regal manufactured Pocket Spring unit using highest quality Australian steel supplied by one of premier supply partners, Liberty One Steel. Guaranteeing durability and performance. Designed to be a durable and highly comfortable mattress.
  2. Featuring our own unique specially designed 5 zone spring system, designed in consultation with leading Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Ensuring best practice skeletal alignment for healthier sleep.
  3. Heavier gauge side springs and premium firm foams for enhanced side and edge surround support.
  4. Premium Australian made VPF Foam, with full GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) approval, so Zero chemical emissions and minimal body impressions.
  5. Australian made with 15 year manufacturing defect guarantee.

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