XD Ultimate

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The XD Ultimate Mattress is an intense zoned double deck pocket spring mattress offering our customers the very best mattress available on the market.

Featuring the latest technology intense double deck pocket spring system available in the market, this is a luxuriously soft and comfortable pillow top mattress for those looking for a sumptuous and truly restful night’s sleep. Featuring our Regal Zoned Intense Double Pocket Spring with a impressive 1458 springs per square meter.

Key Features

The XD Ultimate features no partner disturbance to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep helping to minimise disturbance from even the most restless of bed partners, while the foam box surround and pure wool insulator pad offer a premium mattress design with the support needed for a restful night’s sleep.

Proudly Australian Made; manufactured in Melbourne our XD Ultimate Regal Mattress is the highest quality craftsmanship with a Latex Comfort Layer combined with a Gel Memory Comfort Layer and complete with a luxury damask ticking quilted to super soft peel.

The XD Ultimate Mattress is available in Queen and King sizes. 

Available only in Queen Mattress (3936 Springs) or King (4722 Springs).

  • No Partner Disturbance
  • Foam Box Surround
  • Pure Wool insulator pad
  • Pillow Top Gassett
  • Latex Comfort Layer
  • Gel Memory Comfort Layer
  • Luxury Knit Damask Ticking
  • Quilted to Super Soft Peel
  • Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

15 Year Warranty.

*Prices quoted are mattress only prices

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