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When it comes to children and teenagers, the right mattress matters just as much as it does for adults. 

It's widely accepted that children and teenagers need a proper school shoe fitting but often less thought goes into selecting the right mattress for the same reasons. 

We offer a full range of mattresses at all price points for children and teenagers. No matter your budget, our qualified sleep consultants will take your child through a complimentary VIP Mattress Fitting in store to make sure the mattress you select is the one that is best suited to your growing child or teenagers. 

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Vitality Firm
Vitality Firm
from $798.00

Vitality Firm

Luxurious 9 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

Our Vitality Firm Pillow-top mattress benefits from the addition of a foam box surround, maximising the usable surface area and providing full heig...

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