Why Choose a Regal Sleep Solutions Franchise?

Are you ready to take your life to another level?
What would it feel like to be in charge of your own business destiny?

Regal's unique business model separates from the traditional stale pack & is blazing a new trail in retail.

We design our quality mattresses hand in hand with health professionals.
Our franchisees then partner with health professionals to sell them direct from our factory to the public.

We train our team using best practice techniques & implement an effective, proven sales strategy to make sure everyone at Regal puts the customer first.
Because without raving fans, there is no Regal.

Our franchisees carry minimal stock & we do all the logistics work for you. In fact, we think our model is the easiest businesses available.
Success for us is 80% positive psychology, 20% mechanics & anyone with the right attitude can succeed.

If you have access to approximately $150,000, you can be trading in a new site fully stocked & ready to go.
Compare that to other franchise systems out there & you will understand why Regal is the right choice.

What to expect?

We make quality Australian Made mattresses & our franchisees sell them direct from our factory to the public.

Want to know more?

We make our quality mattresses and our franchisees sell them direct
from our factory to the public.

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