Our Guarantee to You

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Regal is proud to offer our customers our exclusive 30 Day Swap Over and Money Back Guarantee.

If a customer is not happy with their purchase up until 30 Days after purchase, we will Swap Over the mattress for another mattress to try and achieve the right sleeping solution (please note a Swap Over fee for Freight, Handling and Insurance will be charged of $120.00).  The mattress must be taken for a minimum of 14 nights. 

Please note that mattresses purchased using OpenPay or other finance do not qualify for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

If we are unable to find the right mattress solution up until 30 Days of swapping over the mattress, we will organise a full refund of the mattress less an additional Freight, Handling and Insurance fee of $120.00. The mattress must be taken for a minimum of 14 nights.

Our goal is to get a better sleep outcome for each and every customer. Should a customer not want to work with us to achieve this goal and only seeks a refund on their initial purchase a Freight, Handling and Insurance charge of $240.00 will be charged.

A Mattress Protector must be purchased at time of initial purchase. Mattresses must be returned in as new condition with no marks or stains on the mattress.

If a panel or boarder is damaged, marked or stained, the customer will be required to pay for the replacement of that panel.

The 30 Swap Over and Money Back Guarantee does not apply to custom made orders, sales of floor stock or pillows and accessory items.

The Swap Over and Money Back Guarantee is only valid at the point of purchase.

Valid at All Stores and Online.