VIP Mattress Fitting

Our qualified Sleep Consultants are trained to 'fit' you with your perfect mattress. We know it's almost impossible to produce a one size fits all mattress, despite what the 'foam mattress in a box' folks will tell you in their marketing. We've been making mattresses for over 30 years so we've got some experience to draw on. 

We all have different body types, different sleep styles and different lifestyles. Matching you with the perfect mattress is an essential part of our service. For a purchase that's going to last you at least 10 years, a half hour of your time is a wise investment. 

All of our mattresses are custom made in Melbourne, with Australian quality foams, springs and materials. We are proudly Australian family owned, and so confident in the quality of our mattresses we offer a 365 Day Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee as well as up to 15 year mattress quality warranties. 

As the manufacturer of our own products we also have no middle man, so our mattresses are not only of the highest quality but also the best value. 

To ensure the best possible service please enter your details below to organise a complimentary VIP Mattress or Pillow Fitting at your closest Regal Sleep Solutions store.

You'll also qualify for two free pillows with any mattress purchase for making a VIP Mattress Fitting. Value of Pillow dependent on choice of mattress.