Mattress & Bedding Range

Regal Sleep Solutions is a premium mattress manufacturer and retailer. Our goal is to send every customer home with the perfect fit for their sleeping style, body type, and budget. To this end, we stock an enormous range of products and train all our in-store sleep specialists to identify each customer’s unique needs. Have a look at our collection of mattresses below, and find the store nearest you for a professional fitting.

We understand that purchasing a new mattress is a serious decision, and take our responsibility to help you make the right choice seriously. After all, the bed is the most heavily used piece of furniture in the house. Setting up a relaxing sleeping space and choosing comfortable bedding is part of the sleep equation, but even the highest quality bedding will not make up for a sleep surface that’s too soft or too firm. If you feel as though you may not be getting enough sleep despite spending adequate time in bed, it may be time to upgrade your mattress.

A properly fitted mattress will support the health of your spine and joints and facilitate proper recovery from stress and physical injuries. If you have children, one of the best ways to support their growth is to make sure they’re sleeping on a supportive surface. Over 1000 health professionals, including general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and others recommend their clients to our stores to improve their health outcomes. We will happily work with your health professional to identify and accommodate your unique needs.

Regal is a family-owned business and manufactures all its own products in Noble Park, Melbourne using premium Australian-made comfort materials. Our meticulous quality control system starts from square one, and with over thirty years in the industry, you can rest assured that we’ve nearly perfected the process. Our role as a manufacturer as well as retailer allows us to offer top quality products at factory-direct prices. That means you will always find lower prices at Regal than other retailers for similar merchandise. Rounding out our vast collection of mattresses, we also stock a selection of bed heads & bases, pillows, and mattress protectors.

With 12 convenient locations across Melbourne, there’s a good chance we’re in your neighbourhood. Since we are as scrupulous about our hiring practices as we are about the quality of our mattresses, you’re bound to have a great experience no matter which location is nearest you. Regal is committed to improving our customers’ health through reduced stress and better rest — accordingly, our customer service model emphasizes care and attention to detail. You will never be subjected to stressful, high-pressure sales tactics at our stores! You can expect a positive, relaxing shopping experience at each and every one of our locations. Ask any of our happy customers.