Exquisite Plush Mattress
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Exquisite Plush

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Exquisite Plush Single

Regular Price: $2,699.00

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Exquisite Plush King Single

Regular Price: $2,899.00

Special Price $1,449.00

Exquisite Plush Double

Regular Price: $3,099.00

Special Price $1,549.00

Exquisite Plush Queen

Regular Price: $3,299.00

Special Price $1,649.00

Exquisite Plush King

Regular Price: $3,899.00

Special Price $1,949.00

Quick Overview

Offering all the benefits of an Exquisite but with the added benefit of a luxury plush pillow top for extra support and comfort

Exquisite Plush Mattress

If you are looking for a truly soft bed, look no further than the Exquisite Plush Mattress. Designed to promote a sumptuous night’s sleep, the luxury plush pillow top offers extra support and comfort and is filled with premium Australian made foams and is packed with sumptuous comfort layers of memory foam. The unique comfort top construction provides a truly relaxing surface to sleep on. Upgrade your old mattress today and invest in exquisite sleep. The zoned pocket spring system provides a full spring count of 256 springs per square metre is paired with a 5mm surround wire for greater stability and maximum mattress use.

Key Features

• Made from the highest quality materials for a blissful night’s sleep.

• The Exquisite range of mattresses is proudly Australian Made and complete with a 10 year warranty.

• Available to order in a range of sizes including single, king single, double, queen and king.


• Spring Unit: Zoned Pocket Spring.

• Full spring Count of 256 Springs Per Square Meter.

• 5mm Surround Wire for Greater Stability.

• Zoned for Perfect Head, Shoulder, Lumbar and Hip alignment.

• No Partner Disturbance.

• Foam Box Surround.

• 2 X Heavy Duty Needle Felt Pad.

• 1 x Super Soft H.D. Pad.

• Luxury Damask Knit Ticking.

• Comfort Top Construction.

• Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

• 10 Year Warranty.

*Prices quoted are mattress only prices