Healthy Life Mattress Precision Firm

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Healthy Life  Mattress Precision Firm

The Healthy Life Mattress Precision Range is available in Firm, Classic (double sided and flippable) and Plush.

The Healthy Life Mattress Precision Range features a pocket spring that moulds to your body, supports your lumbar region and minimises partner disturbance.

It also has the security and stability that the Ultra Premium foam surround provides.

With the Healthy Life Mattress Precision Range we not only look after your Skeletal Health but also your Organic like no other mattress can.

The unique comfort system of the zoned Memory foam and Hygroflex foams means there is almost no pressure on your blood circulation system and therefore your organs.

It is almost as if you are standing up even though you are lying down. We are sure this is the most luxurious mattress range available anywhere.

Key Features

  • Regal manufactured Pocket Spring unit using highest quality Australian steel supplied by one of premier supply partners, Liberty One Steel. Guaranteeing durability and performance for a longer life time.
  • Featuring our own unique specially designed 5 zone nested or honeycomb spring system, designed in consultation with leading Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Featuring a third more springs than a standard competitor mattress for even greater support and stability. Ensuring best practice skeletal alignment for assured healthier sleep.
  • Heavier 2 gauge side springs and Australian Made Joyce premium firm foams for enhanced side and edge surround support for unsurpassed stability.
  • Featuring an Ultra Premium very firm foam surround, means the mattress has unsurpassed stability and security.
  • The comfort system at the base of the Pillow Top is made using Joyce’s Ultra Premium Memory foams of varying firmness mirroring the zoning of the spring unit. This means support zoning of the intense spring is enhanced in the comfort system.
  • The mattress is made with Australian made Joyce Ultra Premium and Memory foams including Joyce’s exclusive Hygroflex foam. Hygroflex is a unique Joyce Australian Made foam that has airflow like no other foam, including those that make this claim. The Healthy Life Mattress is not only immediately and noticeably cooler to the touch but this feeling will remain for quite some time because of the remarkable airflow.
  • All our mattresses are made using premium Australian made VPF Foam, with full GECA (Good Environment ChoiceAustralia) approval, so Zero chemical emissions and minimal body impressions.
  • Australian made with 15 year manufacturing defect guarantee.

 *Prices quoted are mattress only prices

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