Healthy Life Plush


Healthy Life Plush Mattress 

Your Health Professional's first choice in mattress, the Healthy Life Plush Mattress 3 times more springs than a normal pocket spring, and almost 6 times more springs than a conventional mattress.

This mattress is a Class One Medical Device, and features the innovative Intense Spring System (AU patent pending) which offers ergonomic support resulting in a healthier night's sleep.

With a padding system crafted from only the highest quality materials, you will experience unparalleled support and the absolute highest comfort. 

Key Features

Create a restorative bedroom environment with the Healthy Life Plush Mattress.

The Award Winning Mattress recommended by over 3000 health professionals around Australia and a Class One Medical Device, this mattress features 3 times more springs than any other mattress.

Firm sprung edges make getting in and out of bed a breeze, while the comfort layers relieve body pressure and may assist with blood circulation.

Before you buy your bed, speak to a Regal Sleep Consultant and be fitted for better sleep on a Healthy Life Mattress. 

Key Features

  • Plush Feel Mattress 
  • A fantastic supportive zoned Intense pocket spring featuring 3 times more springs than other mattresses.
  • No partner disturbance
  • The Number 1 recommended mattress by over 3000 Health Professionals around Australia
  • This is a Class 1 medical Device
  • Firm sprung edges makes getting in and out of bed easier
  • Ultra-premium high density foam comfort layers
  • Premium knitted ticking
  • Proudly Australia Made
  • 15 Year Manufacturing Warranty

 *Prices quoted are mattress only prices

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