Wellness Luxury Mattress

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Our Wellness Luxury Classic mattress introduces a further level of luxury with the addition of a nested 9 zone pocket springs and Joyce’s celebrated Liquid Gel Memory foam, taking sleep comfort to another level.

The nested or ‘honeycomb’ pocket spring as it is otherwise known, increases the coil count by one third more springs. This results in greater yet gentler support from advantageous surfaced weight distribution -all the while adjusting to your body, supporting your lumbar region and minimising partner disturbance.

This mattress benefits from the addition of a foam box surround, maximising the usable surface area and providing full height rigid edge support for effortless ‘getting into and out of’ bed.

The Wellness Luxury Classic is a ‘flippable’ / reversible, non pillowtop mattress.

Designed to offer the subtle option of a ‘cooler’ or ‘warmer’ climate sleeping surface , the Luxury Classic introduces premium active comfort foams on one surface which are substituted with gel infused memory foams on the other.

365 Day Regal Sleep Solutions Mattress Satisfaction Guarantee All mattresses in the Wellness Luxury Range also qualify for our 365 Day Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee. A whole year to swap your mattress over if the first one you choose isn't quite right for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Regal manufactured Pocket Spring unit using highest quality Australian steel supplied by one of premier supply partners, Liberty One Steel. Guaranteeing durability and performance. For a longer life time.
  • Our exclusive 15 cm nested / honeycomb 9 zone pocket spring system has been designed in consultation with leading Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Featuring 1/3rd more springs than a standard competitor mattress for even greater support. Ensuring best practice skeletal alignment for assured healthier sleep.
  • Heavier gauge side springs and premium firm foams for enhanced side and edge surround support.
  • The Wellness Luxury Classic Mattress is made with Australian made Joyce Premium and Active Comfort foams in addition to Joyce’s exclusive liquid gel memory foam. The result is a noticeably cooler mattress. Ensuring minimal body impressions and reduced chemical emissions.
  • Australian made with a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Mattress height: Approximately 31 cm 

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